About us

Objectives of Arcora Gestion Monaco SAM: Preservation of Capital and achieving an above average return

Arcora Gestion Monaco SAM specializes in asset management and investment advice. Its philosophy, in terms of integrity and quality of services, mirrors the personality of its founder: Orel Kalomeni.

Our fundamental principles are professional ethics and a rigorous approach that put the interests and privacy of our clients first. We thrive to establish a relationship of absolute safety between the parties. This relationship based on trust, carefully listening to our client’s expectations, confidential and personalized advice allows us to work on the long term.

  • Approved by the CCAF (Financial Activities Supervisory Commission) controlled,
  • Approved by the SICCFIN (Monaco’s governmental Anti-Money Laundering Authority),
  • And Member of AMAF (Monaco Association for Financial Activities),

Arcora Gestion Monaco SAM complies with the rigorous demands of these professional and regulatory organisations in terms of integrity and quality of service.

Arcora Monaco has been labelised Monaco Welcome Certified AMAF