Orel Kalomeni +


On the back of over 30 years of banking experience, Orel Kalomeni, CEO, founded Arcora Gestion Monaco SAM in 2012. He advises and chairs the Investment Committee of Arcora Gestion.

Sabina Migliore +


Trained in wealth management at the Republic National Bank and HSBC, Sabina Migliore is in charge of advising and management the private client portfolios of Arcora Gestion Monaco SAM.

Nicola Danzi +

Managing Director

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Marjorie Di Miceli +

Executive Management Assistant

Marjorie di Miceli holds a Master's degree in Finance from Sophia Antipolis University. After working for a broker in London and in the banking sector, she joined Arcora Gestion Monaco SAM in October 2018 as Compliance Officer.

Sanna Ahayan +

Head Compliance Officer

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Yann Zeppegno